Friday, September 28, 2012

Daryl Dixon's Jacket The Walking Dead

My whole house loves AMC's The Walking Dead. One of our favorite characters is Daryl. My daughter begged me to be him for Halloween. (Halloween is a BIG deal in our house.)  So here is a quick and inexpensive DIY for Daryl's coat. The upper left picture is Daryl in his jacket on The Walking Dead. The bottom right is my daughter strutting her new coat!
Daryl's coat on the show is leather but I opted for a jean coat from the second hand store. I also picked a heavier coat due to the cold weather here at Halloween time. This great find only cost me $5.00. You can use any coat or a button up shirt. Since you will be cutting and painting it, keep it inexpensive. :)
At this point I have just removed the sleeves with fabric scissors.  I used a Sharpie to sketch the wings on. If you feel more comfortable use a pencil first and then trace with Sharpie. I did this quickly and don't worry about it being perfect because his coat is rough looking.
The only other thing I bought was white fabric paint. The cost was only $2.00 from the craft store.  I just filled in my previous drawn lines but not covering them. Daryl's coat shows black stitching and has the same look. The fabric paint dries really fast and you only need a small amount of it. Make sure you DON'T buy the puffy 3D paint!
The finished product. For only $7.00! Now to make one for me :)