Friday, April 20, 2012

The Merfolk Makeup

The merfolk or mermaids are seen on very rare occasions. Some say if you gaze upon these sea creatures it will be your last breath. While mermaids are quite alluring, some say they bring an omen of disaster. Others say that they can give the ability to breathe under water, when fate has been less kind to a drowning human. No matter which tale you believe, one thing is for certain, the mermaid is a ravishing creature. To get this merfolk look I used Laura Geller Forest Mist/Key Lime duo shadow on my upper and lower lid. I used Bling Tone Crystalline Green shadow on outer corner of lid. Then I lined my eyes with gold from MAC's Gilt by Association shadow. Mascara is Too Faced Size Queen Mascara. My nails are painted with OPI Hey! Get in Lime!. The stars were airbrushed by my friend Lou. 

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